Information Technology (IT)

Agency Trust Ltd. has a specialized team of IT architects and programmers who have created a tailor-made IT system to allow for detailed performance monitoring.

The Company is using cutting edge, ship management and communications applications that allows the automatic input of data from ship to shore, the close monitoring of logistics, human resources, training, safety, maintenance and Performance of the Fleet.

This data system is accessible to all departments, providing a variety of information including the following:
  • Vessels' daily position including speed, weather, etc.
  • Vessels' daily monitoring of performance factors
  • Running hours / preventive program for each vessel
  • Monitoring of inspections
  • Monitoring of engine components' wear-down and online limit computer system
  • Class items
  • Repairs
  • Management meeting minutes
  • Records of superintendent visits
  • Defects/ deficiencies
  • Supply items
  • Fuel consumption reports
  • Crew management application
  • Vessel photos database
  • CBT
  • Spare cases
  • Work/Rest hours monitoring

Data entry is complemented by Company's branches (subsidiaries in Mumbai, Manila, etc.).

There is full deployment of voice-over IP (VOIP) between the Head Office, branches and site offices. Furthermore, Agency Trust Ltd. uses video conferencing for interviewing, briefing and debriefing crew, providing face-to-face contact.

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