Agency Trust Ltd. trusts that the persistent upgrade and expansion of its Bulk Carrier fleet will continue to be a key component of its strategy. By accomplishing its growth objectives the Company can achieve high utilization rates and economies of scale.

Agency Trust Ltd. recognizes that charterers will be looking for professionally managed and well capitalized companies as their carrier of choice.

Thus, the Company’s business strategy aspires to continually emphasize the operational safety and quality maintenance of all vessels whilst complying with all mandatory rules and regulations.

The Company’s vision is to become a leader in the Maritime Industry and the preferred transporter of choice through first class services and by exceeding customers’ needs and expectations.

Our Objectives:
  • ZERO accidents
  • ZERO spills, pollution
  • ZERO customer complaints
  • ZERO tolerance to security incidents
  • Flawless operations at stage of excellence
  • Continual improvement
The company also aims to become the best-in-class benchmarking company in the shipping industry where competitors will wish to compare their results against Agency Trust Ltd. with the goal of improving their performance.

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