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PostgreSQL Data Engineer

Job description

This is a position within IT Dept. Our core business is ship owning, ship management, shipyards and other business fields as well.
Our team consists of experienced programmers, administrators and engineers who constantly deliver state of the art products and services to the company's departments, subsidiaries and vessels.
The Candidate will be responsible for the design, testing, maintenance, monitoring of the company's DB systems.

  • Design efficient architectures around PostgreSQL
  • Troubleshoot slow queries
  • Monitor for performance, database health, correct table and index bloating, etc
  • Understand our current architecture and maintain it
  • Work closely with the sysadms in order to deliver the best design
  • Work closely with the dev team in order to help deliver efficient software and systems
  • Add value to the company by helping with OLAP
  • Take part of a very large PostgreSQL upgrade across 100s of installations

Required skills:
  • At least 3 years of working with PostgreSQL, versions from 10 upwards
  • Knowledge of PL/pgSQL, functions, procedures
  • Experience with PostgreSQL on Linux or BSD
  • Solid knowledge of fundamental PostgreSQL concepts
  • Great SQL skills
  • Great Unix/Linux/BSD skills, OS knowledge, Bash, awk, sed, etc
  • High level of understanding of the whole stack of a software system

Nice to have:
  • pgbadger, pg_stat_statements
  • pgbouncer, pgpool2
  • pgbackrest or other backup software
  • Logical Replication, Physical Replication + PITR
  • Major PostgreSQL upgrade experience
  • java experience is big plus
  • mysql, MS SQL skills are more than welcome
  • perl, python

We offer:
  • Competitive compensation, above market average
  • Stable working environment

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